About us

How it all started

Everything started with a simple post-it.
When founder Gustaf Ollas put it on the mirror in his bathroom in Uppsala 2009, he did not think it was the starting shot for a long and successful journey. ICIW is a simple mantra, a challenge for yourself and the rest of the world. I can do it and I will do it. The year was 2012 and Gustaf had decided to terminate his full-time job to focus on the ICIW concept. Gustaf worked as Personal Trainer and sold dietary training courses online.

During this time he noted that there were surprisingly few companies and brands to choose from when it came to training clothes nichat against the growing fitness and crossfit world. He quickly realized that there was both great potential and more possibilities. With the slogan ICIW in mind, the work began to learn textile construction and production from scratch, as well as finding suppliers who were able to manufacture the clothes and products that would suit both Gustaf and all other fitness-related training people he met daily.
It took a few years before the puzzle pieces began to fall into place and in 2014, the company moved to the first office, ready to receive first delivery clothes.

Gustaf mounting storage shelves in the first ICIW Office/warehouse in  Solna, Stockholm, 2014

The 35 square meter room, with neither windows nor kitchen, had more than enough space for the first shipment of 100 tights, especially after the tights sold out after less than a day. These tights had the special camouflage design, now counting as one of the company's signature goods. It did not take too long before it was time to upgrade.

In 2015, the company moved with the obvious name ICIW to Sollentuna.
The 100 tights became fast 100 and the spread through social media in combination with a protruding design quickly speeded up the business. Despite the obvious demand, it was never a matter of just releasing new clothes and products as soon as it went. It was rather the opposite. In the end, ICIW wants to offer high quality training clothes at a competitive price. Most products are manufactured in limited edition to make the customer feel unique.

We at ICIW place great emphasis on the quality of the clothes because, as a customer, you will not only enjoy our products, we want the clothes to help you achieve your training goals and follow you on your own personal training trip.
In recent years, ICIW not only has grown as a company and brand, but we have also managed to inspire and motivate thousands of people around the world to dare to bet and fight for their life goals. Hashtag #icaniwill has been used almost 2,000,000 times in writing. We want our clothes, our brand and our mantra to help you realize that you have everything you need to achieve your goals and dreams within you. Whether it's in exercise, health or work, you can do it. You're reaching your goal!

Today, we are 30 people working full time at our HQ in central Stockholm to develop and refine our products and service. We hope that the family feeling we try to create in the company, where we support each other and our customers during their trip, will permeate what we do and we hope that you want to be part of the ICIW Family.



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